Enjoy the Offerings of Toledo, Ohio Revealed by Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President

Enjoy family fun while in Ohio this fall

Enjoy family fun while in Ohio this fall

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President encourages you to be a kid again and have some fun at Toledo’s Cedar Point Amusement Park. Rated number one for fifteen years, it is surely something you wouldn’t want to miss. The park features 16 roller coasters, 21 steel coasters, and 4 kid zone areas. If that isn’t thrill seeking enough and you would like to see blood, guts and gore this Halloween, visit Ghostly Manor Thrill Center. Ghostly Manor is a year round haunted house that includes a virtual roller coaster. The center also includes a skating rink and glow-in-the-dark mini golf.

Giraffes and Zebras up close and personal sound fun? If so, you and your family can try the African Safari Wildlife Park, which lets visitors view and feed animals from the comfort of their vehicles. If walking through the safari fits you better, you can explore walk miles of the Safari and some of the animals featured are White Alligator’s, Warthog’s, White-Handed Gibbons and Ocelot’s. Tickets are less than $16 for adults and children ages 4-6 are only $10. Also included are pig races and animal shows. If you get a little hungry, head over to Safari Grill and enjoy your favorite carnival food item.

For some more lively entertainment, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President knows that bright lights, live music and the sounds of slot machines at Hollywood Casino Toledo are a sure way to end the night. Russian Roulette, Poker and Blackjack will be awaiting your presence. There will be free drinks available at your service while you play and a band playing some great tunes.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Explores The Magnificent La Paz Baja California South

Woman relaxing on a beach chair at La Paz Baja California South

Woman relaxing on a beach chair at La Paz Baja California South

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go visits the capital city of Baja California South the beautiful city of La Paz. La Paz is a city of about 300,000 people and sits on the Sea of Cortes, it is a very unique spot, as the bay it sits on curls you can watch the suns the over the sea of Cortes which is a very rare site.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go to experience the Malecon, the waterfront boardwalk for beautiful walk or drive that stretches for miles past all of the restaurants and hotels and into the beach zone of La Paz. The Malecon is great for taking a nice stroll or roller skating or even a nice bike ride, and guests cans top at any of the many waterfront cafes and sip a coffee or tea and enjoy the stunning views of the La Paz Bay. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go also strongly recommends guests take a city tour of La Paz and tour the many beautiful Cathedrals and churches, there is so much history in La Paz.

The City is filled with new modern architecturally designed buildings and many old designs as well; it is a very interesting mix. There is also a great number of restaurants in La Paz, and Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go thinks you should definitely check out their seafood. La Paz is famous for having the freshest seafood due to their amazing geographical location on the sea of Cortes. The fish tacos, fresh shrimp cocktails, and ceviche, is second to none in La Paz, and to enjoy an amazing meal while gazing out over the crystal clear waters is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go is sure that you will find more than enough fun and exciting things to do on your next visit to La Paz either for the day or even a full week or more trip!

How to have the Best Road Trip Ever with Tips from Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go

Road trips can be very fun travel experiences for those both young and old. When you go on a road trip, you have the freedom to stop when you want, take the routes you want, and do some extra exploring in new and interesting destinations. However, there are times when you will be driving on long stretches of highway between stops, and Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President knows that you want those to be just as fun as other parts of the trip. To ensure you have the best road trip possible, here are some entertaining trips for the road.

  • Be flexible and stop often: Maybe you have some idea of where you want to stop already, but do not be afraid to go off or your schedule a bit. If you see something new and interesting, pull over and take a look. If you really want some adventure, take the scenic route and take frequent stops to explore and enjoy a new environment.
  • Have something to listen to: Music is always an option to keep your mind entertained while you drive, but Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President also suggests podcast and audio books as alternatives. Choosing one of these give you an option of catching up on books that you have been dying to read or getting information on some of your favorite topics. In all cases, they will make you trip all that more enjoyable.
  • Play Games: If you are traveling with a group, play some old fashion travel games. Even groups of adults can enjoy playing games of 20 Questions now and then, and it could be just the thing that you need to get you creative and fun juices flowing while you are waiting for the next stop.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Explores A Visit the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Explores A Visit the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Explores A Visit the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco

Located in the famous Golden Gate Park, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go knows the Japanese Gardens are a remarkable site. Visitors to the San Francisco area should definitely set aside time for a trip to appreciate the beautiful yet traditional aesthetics of Japanese culture in nature that can be viewed by the public. It goes without saying that there are plenty of great picture taking opportunities to share with all of your loved ones back home. Getting a taste of Japan will be easy for all those visiting the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Informs Vacationers About Foreign Travel

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go fully recognizes the appeal and excitement of traveling to foreign countries. The summer time in particular is a popular season to getaway and visit places far away from home. For the traveler with limited to no experience visiting foreign countries, there are many important steps to take as well as useful suggestions to make the most of such a trip. First and foremost, travelers will need a valid passport whenever leaving the country. For those without a passport, one can be obtained by reporting to a post office or other government building to fill out the proper forms and submit them for processing. This can take at least a couple of months before a passport is issued. Therefore, Traveler who want to visit foreign countries should obtain their passports before committing to travel plans.

In the event a passport is expired, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go encourages travelers to once again report to an appropriate government office to complete renewal forms, obtain a new passport photo if needed, and submit the paperwork for a new passport.

Among other materials, some foreign countries will require visitors to have documents certifying that certain vaccinations have been received prior to arrival. Such requirements vary from country to country and must be research ahead of time by the traveler.

Researching information about a foreign country will be useful to travelers for a number of reasons. It will help to reduce the level of culture shock that could come from visiting a different country, as local customs can vary. At the same time, travelers can have a greater appreciation for a country by understanding its culture and history.

Traveling abroad is an exciting opportunity that should be experienced by everybody at least once in a lifetime.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Offers Tips for Bargaining in Mexico

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go knows when you see all of the shops in Mexico and you see the street vendors offering their wares, you may wonder if it is okay to try to bargain over the price. In big stores that are owned by larger corporations this may not be acceptable, but smaller stores and street vendors often enjoy the art of making a deal with tourists. These few tips from Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go can make this practice more fun and may help you get a better deal.

  • Know the value of the peso – If you have no idea what a 1,000 pesos is worth in your own currency, don’t even bother to bargain. Learn this information before you leave.
  • Speak Spanish – It is much easier to bargain with the street vendors in their own language if possible. If you do not understand what they are saying make sure to have them repeat it is your own language. Never agree to something you don’t know what it is.
  • Be polite – You do not need to fight with the vendor. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go says that the more polite you are, the easier it is to get the deal that you want.
  • Taxis may bargain – There are many unmetered taxis in Mexico. It is possible to bargain the price of the trip that you are taking in a taxi. Make sure you agree on a price before you are taken anywhere.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go thinks that bargaining is a fun activity and if you end up losing a little bit of money while you are bargaining, look at it as the price of the entertainment.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Provides Ways to Prepare for A Foreign Vacation

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go knows that when it comes to your dream vacation, any traveler deserves to have the trip of a lifetime. Make a point to come experience luxury vacation accommodations and amenities, along with 5-star service like you have never before seen. Travel To Go knows that planning the perfect trip can often lead to stress and headaches, especially for those preparing for their first time in a foreign country. But with these easy tips and tricks, all those new to the experience will feel more at home and more prepared.

  1. Leave your cell phone and charger at home. Instead of wasting time trying to purchase international minutes and trying to find a way to get your phone to function, instead trying buying a cheap disposable phone when you arrive. Not only will this save room in your suitcase, this is also a much cheaper alternative to any minutes involving roaming. This also makes you less of a target for theft.
  2. Bring copies of your passport and other important documents: Just in case of loss or theft, bring some extra copies of any of these items to ensure that you can prove your citizenship. Also leave a copy at home or with someone you trust, or even an electronic copy in email to safeguard yourself.
  3.  Check in with your doctor and insurance carrier: Make sure to get all the proper vaccinations, renew any essential prescriptions and ask your insurance if your policy applies overseas for any emergencies that might come up.Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go knows that these tips will help any foreign vacation run more smoothly.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Recommends A Visit To Aurora, Colorado

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go knows that there is lots to do in Aurora, Colorado. There are also other major cities nearby, like Denver, Colorado, and you can surely find several tourist attractions in either city. Aurora is big in number with a small town feel. The Aurora Fox Arts Theatre is Aurora’s small local theatre that produces great shows for theatre gurus. Celebrating 30 years of live theatre, this is a place you would not want to miss.

You could not visit Aurora and without experiencing Colorado’s white water rafting. While paddling on Colorado’s Clear Creek, you will get to experience the scenic views of the Rocky Mountains. Mile-Hi Rafting provides all the gear and they have rafting trails to fit any level. If your family would like a more personal feel, ATV’s are available for rent to ride through the trails of the Rocky Mountains.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members also invite you to visit Colorado’s Butterfly Pavilion, a zoo that is home to over 5,000 animals. The Butterfly Pavilion is not a typical zoo. The Pavilion consists of invertebrates, animals with no backbones. Though those animals are small in size, they play a very vital role in the world and in nature. Butterfly Pavilion is open 7 days a week from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Tickets are $9.50 for adults and $6.50 for children. Parking is free and easily accessible so there is no worry there. The zoo consists of Butterflies, Insects, Arachnids, an Outdoor Garden, plants and under water Invertebrates. After viewing all of nature’s wondrous works, you can enjoy a relaxing Yoga workout. The class lasts an hour and is held in the Outdoor Garden.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Compiles A Travel Checklist For Your Next Flight

In order to make sure that your next flight and vacation goes as planned, you will want to make sure that you properly pack everything that you can the night before. This helps to ensure that you do not leave anything behind. Of course, there are still some things that you will need to pack immediately before you leave, and this quick checklist should help make sure that they make it into your bag before you leave highlight the members of Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go.

Shampoo/Body washes

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members say that if you plan on showering in the morning you are going to need to make sure that you pack shampoo and body wash into your bag afterwards. The same goes for your toothbrush. Forget these items and you are going to end up paying twice as much at the hotel gift shop. You also could always buy travel sizes that you can pack the night before and save yourself some trouble.

Styling tools/Shaving tools

Obviously you will have to style your hair in the morning if you are a female and shave if you are a male. Therefore, you will need to leave these products out so that you can use them. Just make sure to pack them after you are done.


Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members say the same is true if you regularly use aftershave, makeup, or any type of fragrance in the morning. Make sure that they fit within the liquid requirements and are in the appropriate bags however so that you do not run into any security issues once you get to the security checkpoint.

Jeanette Bunn, Travel To Go Covers New York’s Infamous Tourist Traps

Jeanette Bunn, Travel To Go says New York City is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the U.S. People are drawn there to ogle at big business and never ending construction projects. You may see rich people going from shop to shop, middle-income people living in ghettos, or beggars hanging out on corners. One such beggar disguises himself as an up and coming artist. Scam artists sometimes pose as rappers who want to pass out their new CD to the general public for free. Perhaps you are truly interested, polite, or just feeling bullied, and you take it from him. He then kindly autographs it for you. The next thing you know, you are surrounded by bouncers who insist you pay $15 for the valuable merchandise.

Your travel agency could warn you about such scams through its scam prevention team, but you may find yourself drawn in any way. The Jeanette Bunn, Travel To Go scam reduction squad recommends that you gently put the CD on the ground at this point, and leave the scene if possible. Hopefully the area is not so vacant that you are openly robbed. Scam artists will usually be sneakier about their intention, and instead pressure you into paying the money by feigning some sort of misunderstanding while his cronies gradually move in.

Jeanette Bunn, Travel To Go can inform you about popular scams in the area if you contact them upon arrival. Rather than functioning solely with your common sense, you can take a few pointers from other people’s bad experiences.